About the brand

Inka is a brand with long traditions and a formula unchanged since its inception. It brings to mind naturalness, health, and the cultivation of family traditions.

Inka is good in its nature. This is the strategic slogan of the brand, used in public communication, which perfectly reflects its values. Inka combines the goodness of nature, a healthy impact on the body, and a pleasant taste. It provides consumers with the feeling that they are taking good care of themselves and their loved ones, with a feeling of safety. Inka products are well suited to the needs of the modern consumer, guaranteeing double the pleasure – flavour and nutrition.

The success of the brand is undoubtedly the result of experience, knowledge, respect for the brand’s lengthy traditions, and the care with which the brand treats its customer’s needs. This can be demonstrated by the prestigious awards won by the company, which illustrate its commitment to constant improvement in the level of quality at a high, European standard.

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