Flavoured Inka

 Honey, caramel, milk and chocolate are four intense flavour comprise the flavoured line of cereal beverages that has won the hearts of consumers. As a brand good in its nature, Inka remembers that naturalness completes the pleasure of the taste. In this duo, delight is expressed in tempting flavours and naturalness - in Polish cereals. Unique aroma, wafting across the room as you open the package, invigorates the taste buds and makes us crave for more - after one cup of flavoured cereal beverage, we dream of another one... and another one. At last, the line of flavoured Inka cereal beverages consists of 4 delicious variants that we cannot resist.

  • Inka Honey is a unique blend of instant cereal beverage, which combines sophisticated, mild taste of Polish honey, with the naturalness of Polish cereals.
  • In its original formula, Inka Caramel combines the grainy taste of Inka cereal beverage with aromatic caramel.
  • Inka Chocolate is an instant cereal beverage tempting with chocolate's irresistible flavour and aroma.
  • Inka Milk is a harmonious blend of cereals and chicory, a combination of cereal beverage, milk and a hint of sweetness. Tempting with irresistible taste and creamy foam!
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