In 1910, a company called Henryk Franck i Synowie /[Henryk Franck and sons] established Fabryka Środków Kawowych S.A. /[Coffee Means Factory] in Skawina. Just one year later, the production of cereal beverage was launched. Brands produced in Skawina, such as Enrilo, Kneipp’s Coffee, Franck’s Coffee, Weber’s Fig Coffee or Abisynka were widely known in pre-war Poland, their popularity matching that of... Inka.

Back in 1971, when Polish scientists perfected the formula for Inka instant cereal beverage, no one could have predicted it would become so immensely popular. Everyone recognises it - generation after generation. This mild cereal beverage, made in 100% of natural ingredients, won the hearts not only in Poland; it is also widely appreciated in many foreign countries. See how the packaging has changed over the years

About the brand

Inka is a brand with soul; one that can boast long tradition. It is associated with naturalness, health, the cultivation of family traditions. Inka is synonymous with the category of cereal beverages, always assuming the position of the leader on the market.

Inka is good in its nature. This strategic motto of the brand, used in its communications as a slogan, perfectly reflects brand values. Inka is a combination of nature, beneficial influence on health and pleasant taste. It offers the consumers a way to feel that they take care of themselves and their loved ones; a sense of safety. A wide product portfolio, perfectly addressing the needs of a modern consumer, guarantees double delight - with taste and nutrient value. Inka is deemed an iconic brand, a synonym of its category. The consumers say that when a brand exists for so long in a barely changed form, it has to be really good. No wonder Inka is the undisputed market leader. It is the most known and recognisable cereal beverage on the market.

Undoubtedly, this success is a result of experience and knowledge, respecting many years of tradition and care for client’s needs expressed by the brand. It is confirmed in prestigious awards which are a proof of the brand’s engagement in development and constant improvement of quality level, as well as high standard and European level. Inka brand has been distinguished with the “Poznaj Dobrą Żywność” /[Try Fine Food] mark, “Perła FMCG" /[Pearl of the FMCG Market], “Produkt na Medal” /[A Medal-worthy Product], “Superbrands Polska Marka” /[Superbrands Polish Brand], “Effie,” while its owner, Grana company, has received the prestigious recognitions: “Inwestor w Kapitał Ludzki” /[Human Resources Investor] and “Diamenty Forbesa” /[Forbes’ Diamonds].

O marce Inka

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